Every salesperson knows that time is the one of the most precious resources he has. But a successful salesperson knows that, if used wisely, time can work to his advantage. And Lessonly account executive Ross Lubbers put that knowledge to use recently to close a deal in a single phone call.

By working with a prospect to present an excellent use case, using Octiv to generate documents in just minutes and engaging his team to assist with real-time negotiations, Ross landed a deal with a customer care provider in less than 90 minutes. It’s an example of how, with the right solutions, a smart salesperson can do more in less time.

Identifying Need

Finding the right prospects is a challenge, even with inbound leads. But Ross quickly assessed the situation and determined that Lessonly was the right choice for the prospect.

“It was an ideal situation: everything was aligned perfectly,” said Ross. The inbound call began with about 20 minutes of discovery, during which Ross walked through Lessonly’s learning software solution. “After about 20 minutes of the demo, the CEO said ‘let’s get going on this.’ There was no reason to wait a week or two.”

Creating Urgency

“In sales, you want to make sure your prospects stay on task – and I was able to do that with Octiv.”

Ross Lubbers' HeadshotRoss Lubbers, Account Executive at Lessonly

With the CEO on board, Ross’s next step was maintaining urgency throughout the call. He used Octiv to create an agreement in less than five minutes, then sent the URL link to the stakeholders on the call. “When the CEO accessed the link, he could see the agreement, and we walked through it together.”

When it was time to negotiate pricing and billing, Ross enlisted other team members to assist while he made changes to the agreement document. “In a matter of seconds, I created a new version of the agreement,” said Ross. “In sales, you want to make sure your prospects stay on task – and I was able to do that with Octiv.”

Improving Customer Experience

Ross generated the documents necessary to present, negotiate and close the deal in just minutes. And during the short negotiation phase, changes took just seconds. The result was a sales cycle measured in minutes instead of days or weeks – and a customer experience that presented a great first impression. Although a number of elements had to align for Ross to land his deal, Octiv was the solution that empowered him to accelerate the sales cycle.

“Because we have pre-made agreement templates,” he said, “all I had to do was choose the right template, edit the company name, add the personalized negotiation parts, publish the document and send the link. Easy.”

Not every inbound call leads to a close, but with a prospect that fits well with a solution, a skillful salesperson – with the help of the right tech solution – can produce a customer in just minutes.

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