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Learn how Octiv makes contract redlining easy regardless of the number of collaborators.

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Octiv’s next generation contract solution provides convenient and secure access to a public version of the document that can be reviewed and collaborated on by multiple parties in real time. It also allows users to automatically maintain a complete history of document versions and changes.

Unlike other solutions, the entire redlining process takes place inside the digital Octiv document, eliminating the need to email different versions of a document to multiple parties. Octiv offers a level of collaboration and visibility into the status of a contract that no other solution on the market provides.

User Benefits Include:

  • More visibility and control
  • Smoother document review process
  • Less time to revise a document concurrently
  • Access to most recent revisions
  • Transparency between parties
  • Unauthorized change prevention
  • Human error reduction
  • Robust audit trail
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