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Document creation doesn’t have to be a manual and time-consuming process. Start building next-generation documents in minutes (not hours) with Octiv.

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With Octiv, professionals can create, send, track and sign documents online — on any device, anywhere. Documents and presentations can be delivered in a variety of formats to meet your business needs, including HTML, Word, PowerPoint, & PDFs. The Octiv platform is designed to allow you to deliver timely, accurate, and professional documents to each and every customer.

Unlike traditional document generation providers, our platform is easy to use, set up, and deploy across your organization. With Octiv, there is no query writing or APEX coding required. Octiv’s administrative functionality to manage templates and merge data into your document is built for the regular business user. Octiv provides the most powerful way to create documents and presentations from data than any other solution on the market.

User Benefits Include:

  • Reduce time spent on document creation
  • Automate the creation of standarddocuments
  • Eliminate document errors
  • Enforce branding and formatting
  • Streamline business processes
  • Improve user experience
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