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Octiv's annotations feature allows users to review, mark-up and collaborate on documents in real-time, on any device.

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Octiv provides a browser-based PDF viewer with tools that help users view, annotate and collaborate on PDFs and Office documents in real time. Marking up documents, making edits and collaborating has never been easier.

Unlike other solutions, Octiv makes it simple to mark up any document and collaborate on a document in real time, replacing the outdated and tedious process of printing, marking up and scanning PDFs. Additionally, Octiv’s solution works on any mobile device, so you can access your work with your PDFs anytime, wherever you are.

User Benefits Include:

  • No-hassle collaboration
  • Instant markup, annotation and feedback
  • More visibility and control
  • Smoother document review process
  • Access to latest version of a document
  • Transparency between parties
  • Central location for feedback collection
  • Simple editing and proofreading ofdocuments
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