Before Octiv, ZirMed used offline Word documents to create contracts. With Octiv, the contract process is completely online and takes just minutes.

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For more than 15 years, premier financial and clinical performance management leader ZirMed has offered healthcare organizations a streamlined and connected online platform for functions as diverse as patient access, charge integrity, claims management, AR management, patient responsibility, and population health management. The company provides high-tech SaaS solutions to an industry that’s historically been slow to change. But today, more than 300,000 providers and over 400 hospitals and health systems rely on ZirMed to help them leverage cloud-based technology to optimize revenue and population health.

The Problem

ZirMed’s reputation as an innovative tech company in a changing industry required leadership to consider more sophisticated solutions for creating and delivering sales assets. “We were looking to find a better way to present our client-facing documents and represent our brand. We wanted a tool that looked modern and elegant,” said Matt Gvazdinskas, Director of ZirMed’s Salesforce.com platform team.

ZirMed relies on Salesforce as its CRM and SteelBrick as its CPQ solution. The missing piece was a product that integrated seamlessly with its existing solutions to create sales assets using existing data, then push that data back to Salesforce. The sales and leadership teams also valued visibility into deals throughout the sales process.

This inefficient process made it difficult to ensure that sent contracts would be viewed and signed, which endangered deals at the most critical point of the sales cycle.

The Solution

Today, ZirMed’s sales stack addresses every stage of the sales cycle: Salesforce serves as the company’s single source of truth, SteelBrick makes it easy to create accurate and price-compliant quotes, and DocuSign provides secure and reliable electronic signatures. With Octiv, salespeople can use data from SteelBrick and Salesforce to create and deliver personalized contracts that are completed with e-signatures from DocuSign.

We previously used another solution that merged data into a pre-formatted Word document or PDF. The output looked fine, but it certainly wasn’t impressive. We’d deliver the assets via email attachment. From there, they would drop into a black hole…we had no visibility into client engagement with our sales documents.

Matt Gvazdinskas

Director, Salesforce.com Platform Team


ZirMed's Octiv Screenshot

The Result

The result for ZirMed’s sales team is a significant increase in efficiency and accuracy. Once a contract is signed, that data is instantly pushed back to Salesforce and the opportunity is updated. “That’s all the sales rep has to do now. The integration through Octiv back into Salesforce saves the rep from having to email, fax, scan, save locally, find the Salesforce opportunity, upload the signed document, and change the opportunity stage to reflect the win,” said Gvazdinskas. “So we’ve dramatically reduced the number of steps for generating a document in Salesforce and then delivering via DocuSign. The rep has real-time intelligence on document views and the duration of those views. Once the signature is received, everything lands back in Salesforce without the rep lifting a finger.”

The addition of Octiv to ZirMed’s sales stack gave salespeople an opportunity to gain newfound insight into deals.

“A number of our reps fell in love with Octiv right away,” said Gvazdinskas. “They went so far as to generate and deliver Octiv contracts for their existing open contract deals, just so they could take advantage of e-signature and have a good understanding of client engagement. They were able to re-energize their pipelines going through that simple exercise.”

The combination of Salesforce, SteelBrick, Octiv and DocuSign gives ZirMed the ability to streamline the sales process for its sales team and its clients, who now rely on technology to work more efficiently. “There’s a client perception that if you’re sending me an email attachment, you’re giving me a chore (download, print, sign, send back, etc.). They want us to make it easy for them to do business with us by using modern tools like Octiv.”

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