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Before Octiv, G/O Digital created its slide decks in 30 minutes. With Octiv, creating a deck now takes less than 5 minutes.

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The world of digital marketing moves at the speed of light, and few companies move faster than G/O Digital, a brand of broadcast and digital media company TEGNA. Offering marketing solutions across digital and mobile channels, G/O Digital provides its clients with the power to personalize messaging on a national level for 5,000 top brands, including Walgreens, Macy’s and Lowe’s.

To develop the best solution for each individual client, G/O Digital conducts audits to determine the best media to position the prospect in front of the right audiences. Once a prospect purchases the company’s services, the next step is to sign a contract, and G/O Digital wanted to make it easy for its sales teams and its prospects.

The Problem

“We used a PowerPoint template and would re-edit it over and over again,” said Courtney Kovats, Senior Director of Pre-Sales and Affiliate Operations at G/O Digital. The process became unworkable, however, as demand grew and the company expanded into additional markets across the country. “We needed to scale processes across the board instead of having to create PowerPoints from scratch each time. Scaling still comes in as the number-one priority — it’s what we need in order to function properly.”

Each slide deck took about 30 minutes to create, and required salespeople to manually enter data from Salesforce, G/O Digital’s CRM. Emailing the files as attachments also posed a challenge: the files were so big that they could cripple an entire email system.

“The files were bogging down a lot of inboxes and outboxes,” Courtney said. “Sending such large files would crash servers.” In addition to the time spent creating the documents, the possibility of losing valuable time to technical glitches made the process even more unwieldy.

After a prospect agreed to a solution with G/O Digital, it was important that the final stages of the sales process went as quickly and smoothly as possible. But with a process that forced salespeople to enter products and pricing manually, generating accurate contracts quickly was nearly impossible.

“Everything was done by hand in a template,” said Adam Claypool, G/O Digital’s Director of Sales Operations and Analytics. Visibility was also an issue, leaving salespeople unable to determine how prospects were engaging with the contracts they were sent. “When I started here, we accepted paper contracts. There was no way to see what was sent or signed – it was challenging, not knowing what’s going on with contracts.”

Both teams realized that having a way to create, deliver and track documents like presentations and contracts directly from CRM could save time and provide the insight sales teams needed to close more deals.

The Solution

G/O Digital chose Octiv to provide its team a unique solution for creating the audits sent to prospects. The ability to personalize the documents with customer information directly from CRM has increased accuracy and saved time.

And since the documents could be viewed online, there was no need to send bulky attachments via email.

After seeing how Octiv helped Courtney’s team create personalized documents from CRM with the click of a button, Adam implemented Octiv for his team as well, bringing the entire sales process online and eliminating the need to manually enter data from Salesforce. Signing contracts electronically also made it easy for customers to say “yes” to contracts without the hassle of printing, scanning PDFs or attaching documents.

“For me, the biggest thing has been streamlining and automating the contracting process,” Adam said. “We now have an automated system that eliminates the need to enter information manually, and that saves time.” Octiv also integrates seamlessly with Formstack, allowing customers to enter credit card information securely.

Octiv creates the deck for us, and instead of exporting into a PDF, it exports into a PowerPoint we can present or send to the client.

Courtney Kovats

Senior Director of Pre-Sales and Affiliate Operations

G/O Digital

G/O Digital's Octiv Screenshot

The Result

After implementing Octiv for both teams, G/O Digital was able to shave time off the creation and delivery of its sales documents, streamline the sales process and save its teams valuable time. Before Octiv, Courtney’s pre-sales team spent as much as 30 minutes on each deck — now creating a deck takes as little as five minutes.

“Now that we can rely on Octiv, we can focus a lot more on the data and how it can help us give customers what they need,” Courtney said. Octiv has also helped improve data quality as well as quantity in Salesforce: “It’s helped us collect more customer data we can use for later.”

For Adam, Octiv has made it easy to close more deals faster. Creating contracts took salespeople about 15 minutes, but today it takes them five minutes or less. Octiv is now the only contracting solution the sales team uses, which ensures document accuracy and provides the insight salespeople need to follow up and improve customer experience.

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