See how Octiv removed friction in Angie's List's sales process

Before Octiv, Angie's List sales teams took 37 minutes to create proposals. With Octiv, proposals are created with just the click of a button.

angie's list laptopMore than 2 million households nationwide check Angie’s List reviews to find the best local service providers, like roofers, plumbers, and more.

  • Challenge: Angie’s List faced a challenge with needing to increase efficiency and consistency with contracts, while keeping up with a high volume sales environment. This became even more difficult in the midst of migrating from a homegrown CRM to
  • Solution: Octiv’s integration with Angie’s List’s homegrown CRM solution,, and DocuSign providing a more streamlined contract process by auto-generating data-driven contracts with custom offers that also enabled them to collect W-9 forms and licensing information from service providers after the sale.
  • Results: In just six months, Angie’s List achieved a 104% increase in documents generated and 126% increase in contracts signed.

“We kept running into an issue where we would have service providers agree to participate in the concept and then we would lose them in the processing of their contract. Oftentimes, things would get hung up in the process. We also needed to collect information from service providers, especially a W-9 form and licensing information.”

Ben Ledo, Director of eCommerce Sales at Angie’s List

The Challenge

Angie’s List needed to remove friction from the sales process

Switching to a new CRM is usually a long process, but Angie’s List’s case was unique. Not only was Angie’s List tasked with moving its users to, but the company had to transition from a homegrown, increasingly unwieldy solution its users affectionately called “The Blob.” The challenge: execute a smooth transition from “The Blob” to, while increasing contract quality, delivery and process efficiency.

The Solution

Custom solution built for the Angie’s List workflow

Angie’s List turned to Octiv for guidance on streamlining the contract process. By offering a flexible solution that integrates seamlessly with both their custom CRM and CPQ solutions,, as well as, DocuSign, Angie’s List team members were able to create contracts during the transition without losing productivity.

The Results

Octiv drives sales productivity and increases close rate

Using Octiv to auto-generate sales contracts led to a drastic increase in sales productivity for Angie’s List. Teams saw a 104% increase in documents generated and a 126% increase in contracts signed, leading to a 7% increase in win rate in six months.

Another added benefit with real business impact is that Octiv’s integration with helped increase CRM adoption rate by 90% in six months.

“Octiv allowed us to show what the email was going to look like, so that the service provider could actually see the final product with the image and have a clear concept. We could also attach the W-9 and forms that they could fill out, as well as what we call the post-sale packet.”

The increase in productivity and closed-won deals was achieved in part by the insight sales reps gained from using Octiv.

“We can go back and look at where [the service providers] focused, where they spent their time, and start addressing their concerns,” Ben Ledo, Director of eCommerce Sales at Angie’s List, said in an interview with Destination CRM. “Those conversations help our salespeople [target] true concerns and objections those service companies have. Also, it’s measuring [activity]. You can’t really improve something if you don’t have that baseline to measure it.”

This kind of data does more than help close deals; it also makes sales reps’ jobs easier.

“I love that you get an email when they sign in, and a separate email when they accept. It’s a beautiful thing!” said an Angie’s List business development manager.

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