About the Release

By now you may have noticed our new brand and new look. Below are some frequently asked questions about the recent rebrand from TinderBox to Octiv.

Octiv Rollout Questions

What does the new Octiv brand mean for current TinderBox customers?

You will notice some branding changes starting July 18, 2016. The Octiv UI branding will be rolled out as part of the Fall 2016 Release. To stay informed about the timing of the newly branded UI please visit the Release Site

What does the Octiv rollout timeline look like?

The rollout of the new Octiv brand to customer’s production accounts will take place on September 12, 2016 as part of the Fall 2016 Release. Below are some key dates that you should be aware of:

Date Item Details
July 18 Rebrand announcement Official announcement of the Octiv rebrand.
August 2 Introduction to Octiv Webinar with Jim McIntosh, Director of Product Management The Octiv product team will be hosting a webinar to discuss the reasons for the rebrand, provide an explanation of the new name, and discuss how the rebrand will affect current products and services.
August 16 Pre-Release communication 30-day notice of Fall 2016 Release with key release details and resources.
August 31 Fall 2016 Release Preview Webinar Learn more about the upcoming product release directly from Octiv Product Managers.
September 12 The Fall 2016 Release is in Production All current and new customers will be switched to the new Octiv brand
  • Subdomains of all customers are switched from mytinder.com to Octiv.com
  • The login page that you’re used to seeing will be rebranded to a new Octiv login page.
  • All incoming and outgoing emails will come from Octiv.com.
  • Application design changes to incorporate our new look and feel for the Octiv brand.
September 14 Release Training Learn tips and tricks for the recent release from Octiv Account Managers.

To learn more visit the Fall ’16 Release Notes

Octiv Rebrand Frequently Asked Questions

What is Octiv?

Octiv helps innovative sales and marketing teams improve how sales assets are created, distributed and tracked. Our sales productivity platform leverages data from back office systems to create automated workflows and deliver valuable buyer behavior insights.

Why are you changing your name?

This company was started to solve a simple problem with a relatively simple solution. Over the years, however, we’ve matured into a sophisticated platform that solves complex problems and drives strategic value for our customers. We’ve invested a significant amount of time over the past few months crafting our brand identity to be consistent with the value our customers receive through our partnerships together.

What does the Octiv name and logo represent?

Our new name represents the harmony we deliver throughout the customer experience. The new mark is the second half of a perfect octave.

Is the address changing?

Items Old New
Name TinderBox Octiv
Legal Name TinderBox, Inc. Octiv, Inc.
Address TinderBox
54 Monument Circle
Suite 700
Indianapolis, IN 46204
54 Monument Circle
Suite 200
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Do you still offer the same products and services?

Octiv still focuses on solving problems for the same products and services, but they are presented with new packaging.

Items Old New
Product Names TinderBox Pitch
TinderBox Propose
TinderBox Close
Octiv Professional
Octiv Enterprise
Support Self Managed
Services Productivity Audit
Annual Content
Adopt & Enable

What’s in the Octiv Platform?

The Octiv Platform covers a variety of use cases for:

Engaging Customers:

  • Email
  • Web Conferencing
  • Screensharing
  • Messaging

Closing Deals:

  • Enterprise Document Generation
  • Content Sharing and Tracking
  • Electronic Signature

Marketing Management:

  • Sales Asset Management
  • Buyer Insights

Sales Management:

  • Alerts
  • Analytics
  • Reporting


  • Salesforce
  • DocuSign
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Box

Do you have any resources that will help me get up to speed on Octiv?

Yes! Please join us for an exclusive customer-only webinar to hear the the reasons for the rebrand, an explanation of the new name, and discuss how the rebrand will affect current products and services. Administrators will receive instructions from their account manager on how to register for the webinar.

Watch the Webinar Recording Here

In the meantime, please feel free to check out our new website: www.octiv.com.

Billing Questions

Is pricing changing?

For ‘new business’ customers pricing will be changing to reflect the new platform packaging. Existing customers will maintain their existing contract pricing until renewal. Please contact sales or your account manager for further information regarding pricing and packaging.

Has the tax registration number changed?

No; all of our tax information remains the same.

I pay with a wire transfer. Has the bank account number changed?

Yes; we have a new account and a new number. For electronic transfer instructions, please email billing@octiv.com.

I just mailed a check to TinderBox. Do I have to reissue the check?

No. There is a grace period (the remainder of July) during which we will still accept checks written to TinderBox. Any checks received as of August 1 must be addressed to Octiv.

Additional Questions

How do I contact an Octiv team member?

Nothing about your point of contact will change; you will still have the same account manager or account executive. All TinderBox emails will be automatically redirected to updated Octiv addresses.

Where can I go if I have additional questions or feedback?

You can ask questions anytime. Visit us on the Support Portal by going to Octiv.com/Support, call us at 317-550-0148, or email at support@octiv.com.

Our Rebrand: Frequently Asked Questions's Release Notes

The following features are included in the release. Please click the links below for descriptions of each new enhancement and update.


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Planned - Updates that are currently planned for release and are not yet available.

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