About the Release

What has been communicated to Octiv admins?

Below is a copy of the email communication that was sent to Octiv administrators on Wednesday, August 17, 2016.

Octiv (formerly TinderBox) will be making changes to customer domains to align with our company’s rebrand. On September 12, 2016, we will be redirecting domains from {yourcompanyname}.mytinder.com to {yourcompanyname}.octiv.com.

This does NOT impact:

  • Previously created or sent out documents
  • Custom or white-labeled domains {example: “docs.yourcompanyname.com”}
  • NetSuite integration users
  • Pipedrive integration users
  • DocuSign integration users

Who Does This Impact?

  • Salesforce Integration Users
  • Microsoft Dynamics Integration users
  • API Users
  • Users of Salesforce Outbound Messages

What Actions Do I Need to Take?To ensure a smooth transition to the new octiv.com domain, we recommend that you take the following actions as soon as possible.

Please have your Administrator update your TinderBox Org settings to point to the new {yourcompanyname}.octiv.com domain prior to Monday, September 12th.Follow the instructions below:

Instructions for Salesforce Administrators:

  1. Go to Salesforce Setup
  2. Select App Setup
  3. Click on the Develop section
  4. Go to Custom Settings
  5. Scroll until you get to TinderBox
  6. Click on the TinderBox App
  7. Click Manage
  8. Click the Edit button
  9. Update the Company URL to your yourcompanyname.octiv.com

Instructions for Microsoft Dynamics Administrators:

  1. Click the Home Icon to return to your Sales Dashboard.
  2. Click the Advanced Find Function.
  3. This will pop up a new window.
  4. Select TinderBox Org Settings in the Look For drop down list.
  5. Click the red exclamation point.
  6. This will bring up another pop up window.
  7. Adjust the TinderBox URL from here by entering your new Octiv account URL. {for example: Replace https://companyname.mytinder.com with https://companyname.octiv.com)

Instructions for API Users:

In the API calls you are making please replace mytinder.com with octiv.com

Instructions for Salesforce Outbound Message Users:

Please update the Endpoint URL of all Outbound Messages by replacing mytinder.com with octiv.com

How Do I Get Help?

If you have any technical questions, please contact the Octiv Support Team directly by submitting a support ticket, and we will follow up with you as quickly as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my URL change?

On September 12 we will be automatically redirecting your account’s URL on your behalf. For a complete list of all changes please see the Octiv Rollout Timeline and the Fall ’16 Release Notes

Will salesforce users have to to re-log in?

No. If your users only ever access their account directly through Salesforce. Those users will still have an active session.

What impact will my users have if they access the account by going directly to the old account URL?

If users try to go to yourcompanyname.mytinder.com it will automatically redirect them to yourcompanyname.octiv.com and they will be prompted to log in with their old credentials.

Will previously sent out documents still work?

Yes. The only effect to existing documents is that recipients will be redirected to the new URL. There will be no change to recipients’ access to those documents.

Do I have to do anything on Sept 12th to get access to the Octiv Sales Platform?

Customers will not automatically receive updates. If you are interested in learning more about additional Octiv use cases please complete this form.

Do I need to worry about my emails not being delivered?

No. All emails sent from octiv.com are optimized for deliverability.

The easiest way to optimize deliverability is to use the Add to Address Book tool. The Add to Address Book tool is a hyperlink to address book instructions for all of the major email providers. To use this tool, simply add the following link to your email, along with appropriate instructions to your recipeints: Address Book and Safe Senders List.

What email address should I expect to see notifications/alerts from?

Prior to September 12, 2016, you will continue to receive your emails, notifications and alerts from Tinderbox (mytinder.com). On September 12, 2016 all emails, notifications, and alerts will be sent from Octiv (octiv.com).

When you rebrand the application to Octiv will there be new click paths or changes to my workflow?


What will look different on September 12th?

The platform will be updated to incorporate the new look and feel of the Octiv brand. There are two notable updates. Firstly, all mentions of “TinderBox” will be changed to “Octiv.” Secondly, all the colors and logos will be updated to the latest Octiv branding.

What do I need to tell my team to watch for?

The only thing your team needs to watch out for is the domain change to {yourcompanyname}.octiv.com. This is simply a change in address – it is not a brand new environment. If you attempt to visit the previous domain {yourcompanyname}.mytinder.com, you will be redirected to the new URL, and your existing credentials will still work.

Can documents still be accepted that were sent prior to sept 12th?


Will the client’s experience change/what will they see?


Is there a timeline for upcoming product changes?

Yes. Please see the Fall ’16 release notes on the Octiv release site and view a rollout timeline on Our Rebrand FAQ.

Domain Change FAQs's Release Notes

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