TinderBox Unveils TinderBox Insights™ Reporting, Announces Vision to ‘Transform Sales Forecasting’

New Interactive Visual Reporting Solution to Enable Companies to Discover, Analyze and Take Action on Sales Data to Accelerate Sales

INDIANAPOLIS (Sept. 16, 2015)  – TinderBox, a leader in sales productivity technologies, unveiled its TinderBox Insights™ visual reporting solution today, providing new capability to discover and analyze buyer interaction data to accelerate business-to-business sales.

The new visual reporting solution provides an online canvas to drag and drop any criterion such as contract value, geography, time or salesperson to discover insights about the sales process, buyer’s journey and performance of TinderBox-powered online contracts, sales proposals and presentations.

“Buyers are telling companies what they want through their digital body language in the sales process,” said Dustin Sapp, TinderBox co-founder and chief executive officer. “TinderBox Insights™ will radically transform how companies visualize and analyze relationships between sales data.

“Providing actionable data to understand the complexities in the path to purchase is an essential step toward realizing our vision of transforming sales forecasting from an intuition-based activity into a data-driven science,” Sapp said.

TinderBox Insights™ will be available directly from the TinderBox interface and make data from any TinderBox-powered interaction available for discovery and analysis, including interactions powered through integrations with CRM, CPQ, ERP or other enterprise applications. The solution will enable customers to click and drag multiple attributes onto the TinderBox Insights™ canvas to discover relationships between variables, such as the number of interactions required to close a deal in the technology industry in less than 30 days in North America.

“This is a fundamentally different approach to understanding and optimizing the buyer’s journey,” said Jim McIntosh, TinderBox’s director of product management. “Unlike traditional sales analytics systems, TinderBox Insights™ uses buyer engagement – rather than the self-reporting activity of a salesperson – to understand what actions lead to closed won new business.”

TinderBox Insights™ is currently in beta and is expected to become generally available to customers in the first calendar quarter of 2016.

“Understanding online buyer behavior and how that translates to sales is the panacea for sales organizations,” said Brad Renfro, director of business process improvement at global audio-visual giant PSAV. “In working with TinderBox, we’re uncovering new insights that hold tremendous opportunity to improve our buyer’s journey and accelerate sales.”

TinderBox Insights™ is the latest innovation in the company’s expanding suite of online sales productivity technologies. The announcement follows the launch of TinderBox Signals™ – the company’s real-time alerting solution that enables customers to define specific triggers, such as deal size, location, reviewer title, products proposed, and action taken on any TinderBox document, to power mobile and email alerts – either in real-time or in a daily or weekly digest.

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