TinderBox Helps National Hospitality Leader Take Contracting Online, Reduce Sales Cycle

Company Improves Efficiency, Accuracy with New Online Contract Management

INDIANAPOLIS (Nov. 24, 2015) — TinderBox, a leader in sales productivity technologies, announced today that hotel and event management leader TMI Hospitality reduced its contract creation time from 15 minutes to a single click with TinderBox’s online sales productivity suite.

Through its integration with Salesforce CRM, TinderBox simplified the company’s contracting process and improved accuracy by replacing manual tasks with an automated workflow to create accurate contracts quick using information already in Salesforce.

“Speed is essential in modern selling, but it can’t come at the expense of accuracy,” said Dustin Sapp, TinderBox chief executive officer and co-founder. “By making it easy to use information directly from Salesforce to create contracts, TinderBox is making it faster to create and deliver the right contract for the right prospect every time.”

Historically, TMI created contracts by manually populating email templates and mail merges with Salesforce. Now with TinderBox, the contract creation process is completely automated, allowing salespeople to work from a single interface to create contracts. As a result, TMI reduced contract response time from nine calendar days to less than one.

“Our part in TMI Hospitality’s mission of Impressing Guests® is the speed and accuracy of our sales center team,” said Kimberly Busch, sales center director at TMI Hospitality. “With TinderBox, we’ve been able to save valuable time and free our salespeople to focus on building relationships.”

The announcement of TMI Hospitality’s success with TinderBox follows the unveiling of TinderBox’s 2016 Sales Predictions. Featuring insights from executives at LevelEleven, Return Path, SalesLoft and more, the predictions offer bold views of the year ahead and practical advice to adapt to the coming changes. The predictions are available at no charge here.

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