Octiv Celebrates First Year with New Brand

Company Founded as TinderBox Met Several Milestones as Octiv

INDIANAPOLIS (July 18, 2017) — Octiv, a leading provider of document generation solutions, announced that today it celebrates one year as Octiv, after a brand refresh from TinderBox.

The new brand also guided the company to the following milestones:

“The journey our team took as TinderBox guided us toward developing an industry-leading document generation platform,” said David Kerr, chief executive officer at Octiv. “As Octiv, we’ve carried the core of what makes our team so special into the product. The result has been a growing customer base and a product suited for scaling companies in a host of industries. We expect to enjoy this kind of growth and evolution for years to come.”

This announcement follows news of the Octiv guided tour, which allows prospects to explore a detailed presentation of the Octiv platform.

About Octiv

Octiv provides a document generation platform designed to create efficiencies in creating documents like proposals, quotes, contracts, presentations and more. Octiv integrates data from back-office systems to streamline workflows, save time and accelerate the document creation and delivery process. Founded in 2010, Octiv services more than 300 organizations including enterprises such as General Electric and Siemens, and high-growth companies such as Lindamood-Bell and G/O Digital. To learn more, visit octiv.com.

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