Octiv Powers Documents for Global Leaders

Less paper. More time.

The Octiv platform streamlines the creation, collaboration and delivery of mobile-responsive, online documents. Document workflows can be automated to eliminate time-consuming, manual steps and interactions with multiple source data systems.

Build & Automate Document Workflows

Sales quotes and proposals, NDAs and master services agreements, offer letters and employment agreements: documents are time-consuming and require multiple interactions with people and technology. The Octiv platform transforms how you use documents: from paper-based workflows to digital-first documents. Digital documents are easier to create, easier to edit, easier to share, easier to sign and manage. Octiv streamlines document workflows with dynamic HTML5 templates, integrations with source systems, and online document collaboration. Documents requiring a signature can be signed using our native integration with DocuSign.

Connect Systems & Data

Octiv connects the systems and data that your teams use every day - CRM, CPQ, ERP, ATS, HCM. By integrating these systems Octiv eliminates steps in the document workflow. Less “paper" steps means more time back to your teams. Octiv also improves how you collaborate in documents and how you deliver them to your recipient.

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A Better End-User Experience

Octiv improves how users create documents, how they share with internal collaborators and how they edit and approve documents for publishing. By reducing time and effort to work with documents, users get more work done. Octiv eliminates or reduces interactions with technology to create and publish business documents.

More Productive Teams

Your teams use dozens of types of documents and create thousands of documents per year. That can mean hundreds of thousands of hours and millions of dollars in man hours - on documents. Octiv means less paper and more time for your teams to be more productive.

Octiv Powers Your Documents

Business runs on information, and often that information is created, shared and used in a document. From presentations and proposals to contracts and invoices to offer letters and performance appraisals - Octiv makes the documents you use easier to create and better to use.

Explore Our Solutions:

General Electric, Global Operations
G/O Digital
Relevant Solutions
Lindamood Bell
360 Services
Angie's List

Before Octiv, GE Global Operations had an inefficient contract creation workflow. With Octiv, they've saved a year of man hours in just six months.

Before Octiv, G/O Digital created its slide decks in 30 minutes. With Octiv, creating a deck now takes less than 5 minutes.

Before Octiv, Relevant took weeks to assemble paper binder quotes with as many as 500 pages. With Octiv, the online process of creating a quote takes as little as a single day.

Before Octiv, Lindamood-Bell's enrollment process was offline and took days or weeks to close. Today, the entire process is online and enrollment takes just minutes.

Before Octiv, ZirMed used offline Word documents to create contracts. With Octiv, the contract process is completely online and takes just minutes.

Before Octiv, the 360 Services sales team took 45 minutes to assemble proposals. With Octiv, the process takes 15 minutes from start to finish.

Before Octiv, DoubleDutch had an inconsistent proposal process. With Octiv, the proposal process is completely online and the sales team created more than 100 proposals in an hour.

Before Octiv, Angie's List sales teams took 37 minutes to create proposals. With Octiv, proposals are created with just the click of a button.

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