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The Case for Digital Redlining

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The Case for Digital Redlining

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With the Octiv document sharing experience, sending a document to other people has never been simpler or more secure. We’ve made it quicker and easier to send documents to other people for review and signature. From simplifying how you create sales content to sharing it, Octiv helps you work smarter and faster than ever before.

Key Capabilities:

The Octiv document sharing experience features a modern user interface with great features for sharing and sending documents with other people, such as:

  • Single URL
    Share documents with a simple link
  • Email
    Share documents with others directly through the Octiv platform
  • Email templates
    Use personal or shared email templates
  • Document tracking
    Instant alerts when documents are viewed, who viewed it, and for how long
  • Screen share
    Easily share your computer screen
  • Content and engagement analytics
    Detailed side-by-side analytics of viewer information
  • Control access
    Share confidential documents with password-protected links
  • Control access
    Set expiration dates or remove access completely
  • Import CRM contacts
    Ability to add and remove recipients, including importing CRM contacts

Email from Octiv

Email from Octiv

View Recipients

View Recipients

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