With Octiv’s advanced reporting, administrators, sales leaders and their teams now have the tools they need to dig into both historical and real-time data and pull the insights they need to make decisions that will accelerate the sales process, improve sales forecasting accuracy, increase sales team effectiveness and improve the overall performance of the sales team.

Key Capabilities

  • View pre-built reports
    Choose from commonly used sales and marketing reports
  • Filter reports
    Analyze data by time frame, by document type, and more
  • Exporting reports
    Export and share reports in CSV format
  • Mobile access
    View reports on a mobile device for anytime, anywhere decision-making

Built-in Reporting

Octiv comes with access to reports that have already been built out for you and your team. Octiv’s ability to track content usage, customer engagement and effectiveness of sales assets at the aggregate and user level provides quick, easy access to essential information on your team’s success.

  • Document engagement
    A list of all recently viewed documents
  • Template activity
    See which templates are being used and viewed the most
  • Page activity
    See which content has the most customer engagement
  • User Activity
    See a list of recent user activities

Document Tracking Report

Document Tracking Report

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