Document Generation

Octiv provides a browser-based PDF viewer with tools that help users view, annotate, and collaborate on PDFs and Office documents in real time. Marking up documents, making edits, and collaborating with others has never been easier.

Unlike other solutions, Octiv makes it simple to mark up any document and collaborate on the document with others in real-time, replacing the outdated and strenuous process of printing, marking up, and scanning PDFs. Additionally, Octiv’s solution works on any mobile device, so you can access your work with your PDFs anytime, wherever you are.

Key Capabilities:

  • PDF Viewer: The PDF Viewer allows you to zoom, search, rotate, navigate the document and much more.
  • Highlight: This tool allows you to highlight text throughout a PDF with customizable colors.
  • Strikethrough: Use the strikethrough tool to clearly show which sections, paragraphs or words need to be removed.
  • Underline: The underline tool can be used to help emphasize a point in the PDF or to draw attention to the area.
  • Comment: Add comments anywhere on a document. Comments are displayed in colors specific to the author.
  • Collaborate: Collaborate on PDFs with others simultaneously and see who currently has the document open.
  • Text: This tool allows you to place textboxes anywhere on the PDF. Both the color and font size can be adjusted.
  • Shapes: The shape tool allow you to draw shapes over top of your PDF. Add circles, rectangles and line shapes. Both the shape size and color can be adjusted.
  • Images:Insert custom images on your document.
  • Drawing: The Drawing tool will allow for freehand drawings to be placed anywhere on the document.
  • Eraser Tool: You can use the eraser tool to clear shapes, text, signatures and drawings that have been made onto your PDF.
  • Whiteout: Place a white box over text to erase content or entire pages.
  • Voice-to-Text: Voice annotation lets you add an audio recording to your document.
  • Autosave: Any annotation made to the PDF is automatically and securely saved.
  • Export PDF: Export the PDF without annotations or with annotations overlaid.
  • Mobile Support: View and annotate on PDF, documents and images files from any device, anywhere.

Marking up documents has never been easier.

Marking up documents has never been easier.

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