Octiv is committed to accessibility. All of our documents are widely compatible and widely accessible to support the needs of individuals and groups with many types of disabilities (visual, cognitive, motor disabilities or other limitations). We have added support for individuals who use screen readers, color blind individuals and people with other disabilities.

Key Capabilities:

  • Readable
    Make it easier for users to see content by adjusting font size to a form they can read; mwe have also properly tagged headings, links, images, lists and tables to ensure proper reading of content for screen readers
  • Keyboard-accessible
    Allow users to navigate the document using only a keyboard
  • Adaptable
    Content delivered through Octiv can now be presented in simpler layouts
  • Distinguishable
    Make it easier for users to see and hear content
  • Navigable
    Help users navigate your documents and determine where they are with visible focus
  • Compatible
    Ensure document compatibility with screen reader applications



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