Platform Features

Explore Octiv’s products and services by category, function, and utility. You can combine multiple components of the platform to solve for your business use cases.

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Document Generation

Create dynamic, template-based and mobile-first documents with Octiv. Leverage data from a variety of source systems like CRM, CPQ, ERP and storage. Maintain accuracy and brand consistency with conditional formatting.

Mobile-First Documents

View next-generation documents on a desktop, ipad, or mobile device. The document design will scale appropriately regardless of whichever device is used.

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Dynamic Templates

Design dynamic documents without complex code that build themselves based on the specific deal or selling situation.

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Conditional Content

Include or exclude sections, pages, or paragraphs of text, image, or media with a simple point and click interface.

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Variable Data Management

Personalize content in documents conditionally with data or information from multiple sources.

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Authoring & Creation

Create, edit, and collaborate on an online document on any device, anywhere.

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Microsoft Office Compatibility

Easily upload and convert Microsoft Word or PowerPoint into online Octiv documents.

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View and edit PDFs and documents online.

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PDF Form Merge

Easily collect data and populate a fillable PDF with data from another cloud app or online forms that users complete.

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Experience Octiv's Document Generation

Create a personalized document based on your interests.

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Create, edit or collaborate on documents from any device, and create tasks and approval workflows for collaborators. Share documents with internal teams, or externally with buyers and candidates, for next steps. Close the loop with eSignature, payment processing and document storage.


Collaboratively make changes to a document and keep track of multiple versions.

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Secure Document Sharing

Share and send documents through a variety of ways.

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Use Octiv or another leading eSignature provider to quickly and securely send documents for others to sign.

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Send and track tasks and get notified when tasks are assigned and completed. Users can use tasks to collaborate with other users, as you work.

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Message Center

Collaborate online in one simple user interface.

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Next Steps

Provide document creators with a “step-by-step” guide on what actions they need to take next.

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The Octiv repository makes it easy to store, control and share assets, files and documents with unlimited storage in Octiv's repository. Octiv enables tagging of assets, works-in-progress or completed documents for easy search and access. Octiv's repository also integrates with multiple cloud storage services, enabling access without ever having to leave the Octiv platform.


Manage, organize, and share your organization’s files and documents in a single, centralized repository.

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Referenced Content

Give your team immediate access to the most up-to-date content.

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Schedule, Publish & Archive

Control when content shows up for your users in the repository.

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Cloud Storage Files

Access and search your files organized in cloud storage providers without having to leave the Octiv platform.

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Clauses & Snippets

Store standardized and approved clauses and snippets in an online repository.

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Store and host a variety of media in the Octiv repository.

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Advanced Search

Find the information you need quickly and easily.

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Octiv reports provide valuable insight into document engagement, template activity, page activity and team usage. Filter reports for analysis of timeframes, document types or other criteria, or export data via CSV for more detailed analysis. Create alerts for real-time notifications of document engagement.


Discover, analyze, and take action on real-time sales data to accelerate sales.

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Set up and receive conditional notifications about key sales activities or critical information so you can take action as soon as they happen.

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Octiv's administration capabilities allow non-technical users to manage user permissions and user access rights. Octiv supports global businesses with more than 16 languages and currencies. With Octiv, marketers can manage multiple brands or control content access to user-defined workgroups. Administrators can create permission by role and team, ensuring sales teams or partners only see the content meant for them.

Account Whitelabel & Private URL

As an Octiv platform administrator you have the ability to completely customize the look and feel of the application to keep your brand in front of your customers throughout all forms of communication.

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Themes & Brand Management

As an Octiv platform administrator you have the ability to manage the the look and feel of your company’s documents and all forms of communication.

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Email Template Management

Create and manage customizable email templates in your account so users can quickly send templated messages.

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Manage multiple brands or control content access to regional groups of users.

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Role & Group Based Permissions

Manage user permissions and user access rights within your organization with robust permission sets.

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The Octiv platform comes ready to work in multiple international languages and currencies.

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Our platform is widely accessible to support the needs of individuals and groups with many types of disabilities

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Leverage your existing tech investments and enhance the power of Octiv with integrations to a variety of back-office systems. Octiv is purpose-built to allow integrations with the systems you use on a daily basis. Octiv's API enables integrations with CRM, CPQ, ERP, EFSS, ECM, ATS, HRIS or other systems where source data can populate and assemble documents.

CRM Integrations

Generate data-driven documents from your CRM and automatically push back updates with our bidirectional integration.

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eSignature Integrations

Use Octiv to quickly and securely send documents for other to sign.

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CPQ Integrations

Configure error-free pricing and quotes.

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Cloud Storage Integrations

Automatically upload your signed Octiv documents securely to cloud storage. With our integrated content library you can keep files in one place and search in Octiv.

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Form Integrations

Automate, collect, and share data accurately right from within the Octiv document.

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Single Sign-On Integrations

Octiv easily connects to leading Single Sign-On providers, allowing users to access octiv with their user identity with minimal management.

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Platform API

Bring the power of the Octiv platform to your application with an easy to use REST API.

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Infrastructure & Compliance

The Octiv platform is purpose-built to be reliable, scalable, and secure. Built on Amazon Web Service (AWS), Octiv follows established strict information policies and procedures to minimize risk and exposure of customer data.

Password Management

Create and manage password policies and rules for your account.

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The Octiv platform is built on top of the leading hosting providers. Engine Yard and Amazon AWS.

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Compliance Program

Octiv follows established strict information security policies and procedures to minimize risk and exposure of customer data.

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