No matter the industry, creating, sending and signing documents is a necessary part of business. And the path of a document can go any which way, through just about every department: from services to finance to legal, and sometimes back again before a final proposal, quote or contract is ready for delivery. That’s what we call document workflow – and for too many companies, document workflows are tedious, confusing and time-consuming.

So, how can companies adopt digital document workflows that increase accuracy, reduce touchpoints and accelerate business?

Meet Sara. It’s 4:30 p.m., and Sara’s a sales rep with an eager prospect. But a tight deadline and an obstacle course of people and steps stand between her and an accurate, professionally branded proposal. How will she beat the clock and deliver her proposal on time?

Sara, meet Octiv.

With Octiv’s digital document workflows, Sara can leverage a simpler way to create, share, sign and store her proposal. And Octiv streamlines the workflow for quotes, contracts, statements of work, offer letters as well – a wide range of documents – making it easier to get things done.

Watch Sara’s story below and learn more about how Octiv empowers her to move at the speed of business.