Rachel ClarkLast week, Rachel Clark joined Octiv as its senior vice president of product. With a decade in software product management, she’s developed a reputation for leading product teams toward growth and refinement. Her passion for technology and creating efficiency – and advice from her mother to pursue technology as a career – led her to a degree in business administration and economics. After college she poured that passion into software engineering, and her career as a product leader took off.

Rachel was drawn to Octiv by the product, but also by the people and company culture. “I am so humbled to be a part of such an incredible group of people. I had so much fun in my first week on the job,” said Rachel. “I want to give back to the company in the form of telling great stories about the product.” Rachel believes storytelling is an essential element of product management; and the right story about a company’s product and people can boost a company’s success.

And telling Octiv’s story – both past and present – is her top priority. “It’s important to me that I take the time to learn the company’s history, that I get familiar with all the hard work that went into getting Octiv to this point,” she said, “so that I can help guide the company’s future.”

Productivity and efficiency are Rachel’s guiding principles, and she plans to use them in her position at Octiv. In her personal life, she uses apps like Omnifocus, Blinkist and Audible to make the most of her daily commute. She’s committed to applying these principles to her family life as well. Rachel said she regularly sits down with her husband to have strategic discussions about “home administration” as they juggle family life with three young children.

But there’s another role she’s taken on recently that proves to be her biggest challenge yet: stage mom. Her son currently appears in the Booth Tarkington Civic Theatre production of The Music Man, and has decided that he wants to be a professional singer when he grows up.

Rachel Family 1
Rachel Family 2

“I’m not used to this; business and software are my wheelhouse.” Rachel said. “I get emails from the stage manager and feel like i’m reading a foreign language. I’m having to learn a whole new vocabulary… blocking and “sitzprobes.” But I’m having a great time learning all about musical theatre with my little man!”