Last week, I spent a couple of days on the West Coast for DocuSign’s Sales Kickoff in Seattle. As a participant in the Partner Panel, “Selling Better Together,” I joined DocuSign account executive Katie Howard on stage for a fireside chat in front of about a thousand DocuSign sales reps and sales engineers.

The name of the panel says it all. Katie and I talked through our experience with a successful co-sell opportunity, detailing how the deal started, how Octiv and DocuSign account executives communicated throughout the process, how we closed the deal and, ultimately, how we solved the prospect’s challenges together.

The prospect was initially looking for an e-signature solution, and since DocuSign is the leading e-signature solution on the market, it was an easy fit. But the prospect realized that DocuSign alone wouldn’t address its contracting, integration and redlining needs – and that’s where Octiv stepped in. Together, Katie and I won the deal with this company, and it wouldn’t have happened if either of us had gone it alone.

The Partner Panel showed the true value of partnership between companies like Octiv and DocuSign. The thousand sales reps who attended our panel got to hear a real-life success story from sales reps just like them, which made the idea of “selling together” much more relatable.

I was only onstage for 10 minutes, but the positive feedback was overwhelming. From vice presidents to sales reps, the story of Octiv and DocuSign resonated with everyone, and encouraged them to imagine how we can work together to capture even more opportunities. At the end of the day, sales is not a solo sport. Selling really is a team sport, and the Octiv/DocuSign solution is changing the way companies do business for the better.

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