The business of creating, sending and signing contracts is about to get easier and faster. Today, we announce Octiv’s touchless contracts – enhancements that give companies the power to create accurate contracts with data from their back-office systems. And because those contracts can be delivered without requiring legal changes, buyers and sellers can negotiate, sign and close business faster.

Here’s how it works: Octiv pulls data from systems like CRM, ERP, CPQ or other systems in a company’s existing tech stack. That data is used to populate dynamic fields in a contract – in plain English, that means Octiv instantly fills in the blanks of a contract, accelerating the process from start to finish. The result is a digital contract that has the most accurate information, and can be executed from any device, anytime, anywhere.

This is just one of the exciting enhancements to the Octiv platform. Want to see how Octiv can streamline your contracting workflows and help your business move faster? Get in touch today.