We work with some of the best people around, and we want you all to know them, too! That’s why we created Meet Octiv–a series to help connect our team with prospects, customers, and the tech community!

This week, we’re featuring Antony (Tony) Rhine, who is known around the Octiv office as a sales all-star. In addition to his tireless work on our sales team, Tony has recently found fame in the podcast world, recording episodes with both the Sales Success Stories and The Why and the Buy podcasts.

Tony is also traveling to Austin, Texas in May to present at the Sales Success Summit! Tony’s session will focus on how to stay organized and prepared to drive results for prospects and customers. Learn more and grab your tickets now to join Tony in Austin on May 7-8!

Tell us a little bit about your role at Octiv:

I sit in a hybrid role for Octiv as a Strategic Account Executive, carrying both a new business quota and a growth quota for my strategic customer accounts. In this sense, I operate as both a hunter and a farmer for our team.

What are you working on right now that you’re most excited about?

Right now (actually this second) I am working to operationalize many of the demanding tasks that our internal General Electric (GE) team manage on an ad hoc, but somewhat regular occurrence. Though these tasks are aligned to our overall mission of serving GE and ensuring that we have predictable growth within their account, the workload can be highly disruptive. I’m working to find a less disruptive, more scalable and simpler path to partnering with GE to achieve the same results.

Also, I’m working on a few significant upsells. Those have the potential to be pretty exciting as well.

What is one of your proudest accomplishments at Octiv?

I’ve been around long enough to be proud of so many things that our team has achieved in the past five years. One particular win comes to mind, however. Three years ago, I was part of a team that included then sales rep Adam Miller, and we had our sights set on winning Salesforce.com’s business. Adam dialed a VP of sales 27 times before getting a call back, and from there we earned a toe-hold win with the SFDC University team. This particular deal spanned across departments—I remember engineering helping, Tom Marvel supporting, Adam Becker coaching, and Chris Gordon driving a POC showcase.

It was a phenomenal example of a cross-functional win for our team. Maybe more importantly, the depth of the relationships that were formed there, which continue to present-day, have been a springboard for many other Octiv customer relationships which prove that we win first with relationships and teamwork.

What’s your favorite aspect of Octiv’s culture?

Tom Marvel’s shorts.

Where do you see Octiv in the tech landscape in the next five years?

We are in such a fun place right now. It’s demanding work at times, and confusing at others, but almost always collaborative and driven. If we continue to press through the challenges in front of us, I truly believe that we are setting ourselves up for some amazing things in the next five years.

Why do you enjoy working in tech?

I’m not particularly married to the tech industry, to be honest. I love working at Octiv, but I started my career selling shingles and then services. But, what I like the most about tech is the potential for long-term relationships with our customers, and the constant challenge of tying value to each workflow that we deliver.

What are you passionate about outside of work?

Right now my world outside of Octiv is laser focused on my big man, Wyatt. But, on the six Saturdays each summer for the last four years that Wyatt has other plans I’m usually on the golf course.

Oh, I also love to call Travis Turner on the weekends. Usually before 9 a.m. It’s becoming a real hobby of mine to find out when he forgets to set the phone to sleep mode.