Teaching Salesforce is no small feat. That’s why here at Octiv, we have the Salesforce Breakfast Club.

Every other week, Salesforce Breakfast Club students show up to the office before the work day starts, hungry with an appetite for bagels and learning. Their fearless leader is Jordan Easley, Octiv’s Sales Operation Manager. Ironically, he doesn’t have to do much leading thanks to Trailhead – a free self-learning system for Salesforce.

“It’s a mix of the basic Salesforce terminology and concepts to make sure you know how to talk about it,” Jordan said. “And the practical learning that’s more hands-on to make sure you know how to actually use it.”

People on every point of the Salesforce experience spectrum can find value in Trailhead: there are modules and lessons for beginners, experts and everyone in between. Trailhead lets people learn at their own pace, making it a great resource for this group of self-starters and go-getters. The program also allows people to choose which aspects of Salesforce they want to learn more about. For this reason, Jordan believes an old-school lecture won’t do the trick.

The other valuable resource Octiv’s Trailhead students have is Jordan himself.

“Lectures about the ins and outs of Salesforce will be too fast-paced for some people and too slow-paced for others,” Jordan said. “Using Trailhead allows me to be more effective as a teacher because everyone is learning the areas of Salesforce they want to learn about at their own pace.”

The Salesforce Breakfast Club is anything but exclusive – everyone at Octiv is welcome, no matter their department. “We’re upping the level of Salesforce knowledge across the entire organization – whether you’re in business development, account management, support or channel – people from all different backgrounds come to learn,” Jordan said.

Here’s what a few members of the Salesforce Breakfast Club (or SFBC, as they call it) have to say about it:

headshot “I attend SFBC to make sure I’m setting aside time to push my Salesforce knowledge forward in ways that I don’t come across in the normal workday. I love seeing others make the effort to push their Salesforce skills. I feel much more confident talking to Salesforce admins and other technical contacts from other companies.”
Marcus Wadell | Technical Architect

headshot “SFBC has helped me better learn the functionality of Salesforce, which is the backbone to all our operations, reporting, and analytics. By knowing the system better, I can help solution better work processes rather than simply point out pain points. I also love that SFBC gets a group together and we can figure out how to solve problems together. I’d say it increases our cross-departmental communication!”

Nick Dulac | Finance Analyst

headshot “While I do enjoy the bagels, I come to SFBC to make myself a more valuable resource to our customers. Simply understanding the Salesforce lingo means I can have more productive conversations with our clients. I love that attendees span from ‘New to Salesforce’ to Senior Developers, so I also come to trade ideas with the other Breakfast Clubbers. If I’m working to find a solution for a client’s issue, I’ll get great ideas from the people in the room.”
Kelsey Adams | Account Manager

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