We are excited to announce the Octiv Fall 2017 Release is now live! With more than 30 new and improved features, organizations can now create, share, sign, store and analyze documents and contracts faster than ever before. This release delivers on Octiv’s continued commitment to provide customers with an industry leading document generation and contract management platform.

Fall ‘17 Release Highlights

The Fall 2017 Release includes a number of new features and enhancements that address challenges for companies of all shapes and sizes. Below are four of our favorite enhancements included in the release:

1. Increased Brand Control

Our new font manager provides marketing teams with increased control over company branding. Marketing teams can select from the full directory of Google Fonts to set the default brand topography. Sales teams will then have access to the correct brand fonts while creating documents. The platform is also flexible enough to support custom fonts and typefaces. Learn more about the new font manager and theme builder here.

2. Support for Advanced eSignature and Contract Management Workflows

While adoption of eSignature solutions continues to spread worldwide, some cases will still require a printed contract with a handwritten, or wet signature. Octiv now supports the use of wet signatures, allowing sales professionals to upload a copy of a signed PDF and manually update the status of the completed document.

In many cases, a contract may be voided if it no longer represents a valid agreement. In these instances, Octiv now allows users to manually void a contract or void an agreement right from within the application to keep the contract repository up-to-date.

3. Increased Sales Productivity Insights

Octiv unveiled a new set of reporting capabilities to help sales team managers examine and monitor the activities of their teams, including document creation and sending. Sales managers can report on productivity by analyzing how long it takes each sales rep to create and send documents to prospects. We’ve also added the ability to identify where documents are being accessed with geolocation tracking.

4. Enhanced Integrations

Finally, Octiv made a number of updates to our out-of-the-box integrations. One of the more notable enhancements included in the release is the ability to configure multiple integrations for a single account. For example, users can now connect a Salesforce Production Instance and a Salesforce Sandbox Instance on the same account. Users can toggle between each instance to test automated workflows and ensure variable data is coming over appropriately.

We’ve also expanded the number of integrations to include Zuora, so users can add configure, price and quoting capabilities to Octiv, and Google Sign-In to allow users to easily sign into Octiv with their Google account.

The Fall 2017 Release is one of three quarterly product releases planned for the Octiv platform in 2017. For more information about our releases, visit the Release Center.

Current customers may reach out to account managers, or contact our support team with any questions.