We are excited to announce that website visitors can now experience Octiv in action with an interactive document generation experience. Our new resource allows you to easily merge data into a document using Octiv’s leading document generation platform. Once your document is created, you can review it online.

Give it a test run to experience how sales professionals can use Octiv to:

  • Automate document creation
  • Generate interactive, branded, and error-free documents online
  • Deliver documents in any format that can be accessed anywhere, on any device

How Octiv Works

1. Fill out Form

Fill out a web based form with your information and interests to quickly generate a document.

2. Merge Data

We’ll automatically populate your document in seconds from your form submissions.

3. Deliver Document

Automatically send your customized document for review, collaboration, electronic signature, or storage.

Ready to create your first document?

Demo the platform today for free:

Create Your Document

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