When our company was founded in 2010, our single goal was to solve the problem of proposal generation for salespeople. Over the years our offerings and customer base have expanded and one year ago today, TinderBox set a new path for its brand identity and product.

Today we celebrate our transformation from TinderBox to Octiv. Our name represents the many parts of the sales and document generation processes that must combine to create a harmonious whole. Since our brand transformation, we’ve experienced a host of positive challenges that have pushed us to deliver the best document generation customer experience on the market. Here are just a few of Octiv’s accomplishments over the past year:

We’ve also added to our leadership team, landed a long list of new clients and continue to provide ever-expanding service for our clients.

Throwback time! We dug up the time-lapse video from when we updated our chalkboard to display the new brand:

Our name may have changed, but our core hasn’t. The Octiv team still believes in offering the best customer experience on the market. And our commitment to our customers and community will continue for years to come.