If you’re heading to Las Vegas next week for the 2017 CEB Sales and Marketing Summit, you already know you’re in for four days of great networking and valuable insights into the changing landscape of the B2B environment.

Hosted by CEB, now Gartner, the conference is designed to boost attendees’ understanding of and ability to adapt to the fast-moving changes facing B2B commercial teams. With so many great sessions to choose from, however, you might be looking for a way to narrow down your choices as you plan your trip. We’ve picked nine sessions from the CEB Summit Agenda we think you’ll definitely want to add to your planner.

Networking with Octiv

In addition to the informative sessions and roundtable discussions, the conference has built-in networking breaks where you can enjoy refreshments while connecting with attendees and sponsoring partners. Octiv will have a booth in the Exhibitor Showcase, so be sure to stop by during the networking breaks! You’ll find the Octiv folks at Booth #19, and they’ll be showing live demos of the Octiv solution in action on Tuesday and Wednesday, from 10:30 – 10:45 a.m. and 3:45 – 4 p.m. both days.

You can also schedule a meeting with one of the Octiv account executives in advance!

Read on to see our session recommendations:


1. Simplifying the Buying Journey 101

Hosted by Tom Cosgrove, Principal Executive Advisor within Gartner’s CEB Sales Leadership Council advisory team

Today’s customers require more information, involve more people, and have more options available to them throughout their buying journey than they ever have in the past. Join us for a session to evaluate your existing sales process and learn how to better reflect customer buying behavior in order to identify and overcome customer “stalls.”

2. Relationship Selling at Scale: Introducing the Engagement Layer

Hosted by David Held, Product Marketing Lead, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Is sales really being replaced by a digital process, and will AI ultimately replace sales reps? We see a new model emerging in sales, one that blends digital journeys with highly orchestrated one-to one engagement with sales reps at scale. Join us as we share this new hybrid model of sales, and learn how you can apply this new sales framework to drive revenue growth.

3. Building Playbooks for Growth

Hosted by Rick Karlton, Advisory Leader at Gartner

Are your sellers getting the most out of account planning and reviews? Understanding your customers’ challenges is a crucial first step in identifying high-quality growth opportunities, yet sellers often come short. Learn how National Instruments simplified difficult and risky moments in opportunity identification and pursuit.


4. Help Sales and Marketing Drive Revenue with Sales Enablement

HighSpot Breakfast Roundtable Discussion

Misaligned sales and marketing teams, unused marketing content, low conversion rates—sound familiar? You’re not alone. This is why many companies are turning to sales enablement technologies to radically simplify the way they manage, find, customize, share, and analyze their sales content; because when sales teams are effectively enabled, they can start converting leads to customers. Over 75% of companies that are investing in sales enablement tools are seeing an increase in sales over a 12-month period, and nearly 40% of those reported increases greater than 25%. There is no doubt that sales enablement tools are changing the way sales and marketing departments work together to drive revenue. Join this session to learn more about how your organization can start increasing conversions with sales enablement.

5. How Marketing Can Support Sales Beyond Online Demand Generation

Hosted by Kyle Parrish, VP of Sales at Showpad

With much of the buyer’s journey happening online, the limited in-person time with sellers is taking on new importance. But marketers too often are absent in shaping these key opportunities for communicating value to the buyer. Join this session to learn how marketing and sales can work together to surprise and delight customers during that critical portion of the sales process – actual, in-person conversation.

6. Rethinking Deal Success Strategies

Hosted by Scott Collins, Principal Executive Advisor within the CEB Sales Leadership Council’s advisory team

Changes in customer buying behaviors are making it increasingly challenging for supplier organizations to successfully close high-margin deals, making the role of sales managers more critical today. Join this session to learn about strategies front line managers can deploy to help sellers overcome customer roadblocks across the buying process.


7. Structuring Account Teams for Growth

Roundtable Discussion hosted by Rick Karlton, CEB now Gartner

Traditional account management practices have a marginal impact on growth in today’s environment. Please join us for a discussion on the skills and behaviors of high-performing account managers today, and how to optimize our account teams to drive account growth.

8. Gaining the Talent Advantage: Gender Diversity in Sales

Hosted by Peter Pickus, Advisory Leader for the CEB Marketing, Sales, Marketing Insights, and Communications practices

Unlocking the tremendous benefits associated with gender diversity requires action from leaders, including deliberately fostering inclusive environments and a commitment to developing diverse talent. Join this session to hear our panelists discuss the impact of a more gender-diverse sales organization and tactics that support the advancement of women in sales leadership.

9. Driving Sales Productivity in the New Work Environment

Hosted by Matt Kiel, Advisory Leader in Australia and New Zealand working across CEB’s Sales, Marketing, and Service Practice

While customer and product complexity are burdensome, sellers are more likely to attribute burdens to their company, not their customers. This “internal burden” is a key cause of stalled and lost deals—yet attempts to alleviate it are only exacerbating the situation. Join us to learn how to simplify the seller experience and increase the overall productivity of the sales force.