Now more than ever, sales teams rely on technology to make smart, healthy deals with customers. The most effective sales tech stack helps sales leaders and their teams accelerate the sales cycle and boost productivity. And the sales acceleration technology industry is growing, with a market of $12.8 billion and rising.

This year, is presenting the Sales Acceleration Technology Summit. During this virtual event, more than 20 sales experts will offer quick online presentations on everything from sales and marketing alignment to increasing sales productivity. Here are three reasons to attend the Sales Acceleration Technology Summit:

It’s Online.

No travel expenses, no crowded expo halls. The Sales Acceleration Summit is a virtual event, which means you can attend from literally anywhere: your office, a coffee shop, even your own home. All you need is a reliable WiFi connection.

It’s Full of Sales Experts.

More than 20 sales and marketing experts are part of this online event, so attendees will have a wide range of sessions to choose from. Our CMO, Brad Gillespie, will lead a session on how unified sales workflows can simplify the seller experience, enhance the buyer experience, and maximize productivity.

It’s Free.

Sales and marketing conferences with dozens of valuable sessions aren’t cheap, but the Sales Acceleration Technology Summit is completely free. Attendees will also have on-demand access to sessions after the live event – so attendees can catch up on any sessions they’ve missed or take their time watching each session.

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