As part of the Spring 2017 Release, Octiv users who connect to a CRM such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics now have the ability to preview variables in a template. This function enables template administrators to quickly test how dynamic variables will appear when a document is generated from a Salesforce opportunity.

This feature is powerful for those in charge of creating and managing document templates. In the past, template administrators had to generate a new test document every time they wanted to verify data was populating correctly in the document.

Now when users build a template, they have the option to select an opportunity to preview how that template will look when used for a real opportunity. We have also updated the UI, making it easier to see which data in a document is dynamic. Variables that are correctly populating with Salesforce data will be highlighted in yellow, and variables without a value will appear in red text, allowing admins to quickly see what works and what doesn’t. This feature makes it easier for admins to confirm that dynamic document templates are working as designed.

For more information about how Octiv works with Salesforce, contact a sales representative or check out the Octiv Support Portal. You can also experience Octiv in action by building a custom sample document, or take the guided tour for more in-depth views of the platform.