How does Octiv help you and your team save time?

My team manages a very high-volume contracting service. We have a limited number of individuals responsible for that volume. Having the automation provided by Octiv has dramatically decreased their manual drafting workload and allows the team to focus on what really matters. They’ve been able to learn new things and apply their core skill set to true value-added work.

What does your team do with the extra time they save using Octiv?

Not only has Octiv decreased our draft time, but as a result we’ve seen an increase in our completed agreements, a decrease in our active Work In Progress, and a decrease in our average days to close an agreement. We’ve been able to re-allocate the team’s time to what they really should be focusing on: decreasing the risk GE faces every day with intermediaries in the marketplace. Overall, tapping into their core legal skill sets is more satisfying for them from a workload perspective.

“Octiv has allowed me to impact the way lawyers approach the practice of law.”

Ashley Bolender's HeadshotAshley Bolender, Channel Contracting Leader at General Electric, Global Operations

What else has Octiv helped you achieve?

Octiv has allowed me to impact the way lawyers approach the practice of law. I have an intern who is in his third year of law school. During his interview, I asked him how he felt about technology and he said, “Oh I’m not really interested in it. I went to law school, I want to be a lawyer.” It was because of that comment that I hired him. It’s a personal mission to expose as many legal professionals as possible to this kind of thinking – the idea that technology can impact how you lawyer. Octiv can create capacity, whether it’s GE or your local law firm, technology has a place. I’d like to think that if you asked today, my intern would tell you that he can’t imagine the practice of law without technology.