Dreamforce is a nonstop stream of content served in just four days. Some of the best minds in sales attend the conference every year – and this year, salespeople will have the chance to hear from sales vets like Trish Bertuzzi and John Barrows, as well as up-and-coming stars like Jack Kosakowski.

The annual Salesforce conference is full of valuable sessions and actionable knowledge, but there are only so many sessions a person can attend. This list of sessions chooses some of the best from the Dreamforce Sales Summit and other tracks to help salespeople maximize their time.

1. Creating a B2B Marketing and Sales Dream Team
Teaching sales and marketing to play nice isn’t a pipe dream; it’s a necessity. This interactive panel will feature discussions on how to remove the walls between the two teams.

2. Sales Summit: Selling New & Old – How Technology Can Empower Sales Development
This is one of the sessions that I am most excited for. It features six rockstar panelists – including Max Altschuler, Jack Kosakowski and Gabe Villamizar – talking about selling in today’s always-on world and how to avoid mistakes often made with sales development.

3. The Power of Data in Sales & Marketing Alignment
Data is key to ensuring that sales and marketing can work side by side. Paul Fernandes and Brad Rutta discuss what happens when two teams aren’t aligned and have different expectations of each other.

4. Sales Summit: The End of Customer Empowerment (CEB)
Brent Adamson from CEB dives into how the buyer is more empowered than ever with the amount of resources available and increase in stakeholders in the buying process. He will also discuss how that can effects today’s sales professionals.

5. Sales Summit: Stand Out From the Crowd: A Sales Development Ask and Answer Party
Trish Bertuzzi of the Bridge Group, Kate Taylor of Dropbox, Lesley Young of Box and Sarah Roberts from Salesforce in an open panel discussion about sales development. It probably doesn’t get better than this in the world sales development.

6. Sales Summit: Everything You Want to Know about Sales Growth (McKinsey)
Don’t let fluffy buzzwords get in the way of learning about how the world of sales is changing and how you can adapt. There is a reason why the top performers are the top performers; in this session, you’ll learn why.

7. Sales Summit: Prospect Like Salesforce: Pro Tips From the Official Sales Trainer
John Barrows discusses how to build a solid foundation for your sales team that will stand that test of time. John has seen dozens techniques come and go, and knows that “structure for prospecting is far more effective than any specific technique.”

8. Onboard, Train, Reinforce: Solve Sales Operations’ Biggest Challenges in 2017
Time to revenue still remains one of the most critical aspects of any sales organization. Three sales experts lend their thoughts to how to get the most out of a new hire, and get them earning faster than ever.

9. Sales Summit: Critical Steps to Building and Leading Winning Teams
Seven amazing panelists are featured in four 30-minute sessions. Lori Richardson of Score More Sales hosts a panel of sales practitioners on building diverse sales teams.

10. Transforming Your Sales Team into a Modern Sales Engagement Machine
This is one of the can’t-miss session that attendees will talk about for the rest of the year. John Barrows, Trish Bertuzzi, Kyle Porter, and Craig Rosenberg will discuss teaching your sales team to be “customer-obsessed.”

11. Sales Summit: How You Can Move the Sales Operations Needle
Mark Levinson and Jason Jordan discuss pipeline management and sales operations management. This session will help attendees understand what mistakes to avoid and best practices you can put into action.

12. Sales Summit: Standing Out as a Strong Sales Leader in the Age of the Customer
Companies often long to experience hyper-growth, but how do you make sure you don’t hit any speed bumps? In these three 30-minute sessions these panelists will discuss how to manage your quickly expanding sales org.

13. Sales Enablement Soiree
This day-long networking event is exclusively for sales enablement, and features a range of sales and marketing leaders. Our own CMO, Brad Gillespie, is taking part in the event.

14. Sales Summit: What It Takes to Be the Best Sales Coach
If you don’t know Keenan, where have you been the last two years? His tell-it-like-it-is attitude can be as motivating as having a personal sales coach. Keenan and Mike Derezin will discuss building a new framework for sales leaders.

Which sales sessions are you looking forward to at Dreamforce this year?