Attendees from all professions can choose from a long list of sessions at Dreamforce this year, and there are hundreds of sessions devoted to helping marketing pros up their game. We’ve chose 10 top sessions for marketers to attend this year.

1. 2016 State of B2B Marketing
Join Salesforce Principal of Marketing Insights Mat Sweezey to discuss B2B takeaways from the definitive marketing report of the year.

2. “The New Gold Rush” – Account Based Marketing from Top CEOs and CROs
This session will “kick off with a peek inside winning ABM strategies and campaigns that marketing, sales and customer success execute together to accelerate revenue.” The panel includes Rishi Dave, CMO at Dun & Bradstreet, and Jon Miller, CEO of Engagio.

3. Exceed Expectations: Reduce Your Sales Cycle
Working with sales is a must for marketing teams. This session will teach attendees to have more effective and customized conversations with customers to reduce sales cycle times and increase initial order value.

4. 2016 Trends in Sales & Marketing Data: Mary Wardley of IDC
Mary Wardley of IDC will share insights into what data has the most impact on marketing programs and sales processes.

5. The Blueprint for High Performing B2B Marketing Campaigns
Salesforce’s Mat Sweezey shares data from 4000 marketers to reveal secrets of high performing marketing teams, and to break down six ultra-high performing B2B campaigns.

6. B2B Marketing Automation for the Age of Intelligent Engagement
See how Pardot allows users to design engagement programs that adapt to buyer behavior with more than 100 triggers, and how to build and improve customer experiences from a central canvas.

7. CMO Imperative: Data, Technology and People
As the number of touchpoints, channels and systems increase, providing a consistent, positive experience is a challenge. Join an engaging discussion around what it takes to build and execute a digital marketing strategy that takes into consideration customers, data and technology.

8. Creating a B2B Marketing and Sales Dream Team
Join a panel of B2B marketers and sales professionals as they share how they’ve come together to transform the way they close deals using close communication, connected tools, and a little automation magic.

9. Debunking the Myths of Account-Based Marketing
See how Salesforce defines ABM, how they map the components of a sound ABM strategy, and how they provide a framework for evaluating if and how to leverage ABM in your organization.

10. Personalizing the Enterprise Buying Experience with B2B Marketing Automation
Listen to Pardot clients share the challenges they faced when choosing an automation strategy, and the wins they’ve found in using Pardot as their marketing automation system of choice.

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