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The Octiv visual identity is the expression of our values and the people that make up our company. Often times, the visual identity is the first representation of Octiv that clients, potential clients, partners, investors, and others interact with. Before they step into our offices, visit our website, or talk with a salesperson, our visual identity begins to tell the Octiv story.

Logo Color Variations

The Octiv logo is designed for use in full color on a white background or white on a colored background. For instances in which the standard, full color logo is not practical, the color combinations shown here are the only approved alternatives.

Logo Mark

The mark may be used alone when the Octiv brand has already been established in the environment or when space or production restrictions prohibit the use of the full logo.

Logo Spacing

To maintain the integrity of the Octiv logo, it is important that the space around it is not encroached upon. To maintain readability and ensure maximum impact, the logo must never appear to be linked to or crowded by copy, images, or other graphic elements. No matter the size of the logo, the minimum clear space required is equal to one third the width of the glyph in the logo mark or the distance between the logo mark and the word mark.

Logo Misuse

The consistent application of color plays an extremely important role in the Octiv identity system. At no time should any unapproved colors or backgrounds be applied to the logo. The examples below illustrate a few inappropriate applications of the logo. These examples are not to be copied, and are only meant to show ways in which the logo should not be used.

Primary Color Palette

These are the colors that make up the Octiv Color Palette. They are at the core of our identity system and therefore will be the most frequently used. They are approved for use on all Octiv materials.


RGB: 237/76/6
CMYK: 0/85/100/0
PMS: 7625C


RGB: 0/0/0
CMYK: 0/0/0/100

Medium Gray

RGB: 204/204/204
CMYK: 0/0/0/20

Light Gray

RGB: 240/240/240
CMYK: 0/0/0/6

Secondary Color Palette

Secondary colors are to be used extremely sparingly—aim for less than ten percent of the piece.


RGB: 66/176/216
CMYK: 66/12/7/0


RGB: 51/171/64
CMYK: 78/5/100/1


RGB: 185/73/245
CMYK: 49/75/0/0


RGB: 250/197/0
CMYK: 2/22/100/0


Typography is often the first part of a brand identity that goes out of style. With this in mind, we’ve moved to a typeface with enough idiosyncrasies to be interesting, but the right amount of restraint to stand the test of time Source Sans Pro. Its personality is a perfect complement to the Octiv logo. Source Sans Pro Black should be used as the headline text and to add emphasis, while Source Sans Pro Extra Light is used for body copy or large areas of text.

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